Coffee Table Books for Style

Coffee table books can be one of the fascinating peeks into the personality of the home. These are the ones not housed in a book shelf or inside the cabinets. They grace the tops of our side tables, consoles, mantels, and not least of all coffee tables. These are the ones we are most proud of and put on display. They are the conservation starters, objects d’arts, and identifying interests. As I write this, I chuckle to myself. I know that in my home coffee table books are part wine coasters, candle holders, and food trays. Some people style their homes with designer fashion moments, others choose music iconography and some can’t stay away from pages upon pages of artfully arranged home design anthologies. One thing that is certain, coffee tables books for the well styled home are here to stay.  

Now that we know these books are a staple in our homes, how should we go about selecting which books can use up valuable real estate. Since you will be constantly flipping through your coffee table books for inspiration, make sure these are books that actually stir your creative curiosity. If you spend any time on social media, there is a strong tendency to gravitate towards the popular trendy ones. So trendy that I don’t even need to name them – you all know the ones I am taking about. While I think those are great, I want to implore you to really explore your interests and plan what you wish to display. Is there a particular selection of cultural art books? Are there any biographies that move you? And what about a historical tome? Here are some helpful guidelines:

Select a beautiful cover that matches your home aesthetic

A beautiful cover can add to the aesthetic of your home. However, if the cover does not match the vibe you are going for, you can remove the paper cover to reveal the book cloth beneath which is usually a nice neutral color. Books on display can be works of art of their own or as part of a vignette. In addition, you can select books to complement the hues of your space and highlighting an intended color scheme.

coffee table book

Consider the size of the coffee table book

Before you purchase your books consider the size of the space you are working with and where its final resting place will be. Coffee table books can at times be oversized and can overwhelmed the space. I just recently purchased some these cute set of books that are mini size. The small size is ideal and I am a fashion lover. This is the epitome of form and function.

Coffee table books
Fashion Coffee table books

Pick books with beautiful inspiring imagery

Pick a book with large beautiful photography. This will ensure that you engage with the book consistently – and browse through from time to time to be inspired. Also, select books that friends and family will want to engage with.

Use family photo books as coffee table books

With the help of a photo publisher and there are many, you can download your photos onto a website and they will print and bound your books for you. These are the best because they are so personal, create the best memories. and you will never stop engaging with them. This may be my personal favorite coffee table book.

So, when choosing a coffee table book there many options to consider but in the end make the selections that truly represent your well styled home.

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