Hostess Gift Idea #100 – In Good Taste Wine

So you got that sweet dinner invite this weekend and your in sweats about what to bring to thank your host. Not to worry I am here to guide you and give weekly tips about some good hostess gift tips. A good hostess gift is a way to show your appreciation for not only the invitation but also for the good time you are about have.

Don’t wait until the last moment to regift a bad bottle of wine or grab a cheap one on the way to your soiree. Think about the planning, shopping, and execution that your host has undertaken to show you a good time. The last thing you want to do is to say thank you with the wrong gift. Right now I can go to my cupboard to see the many wine bottles I have received as hostess gifts that are simply undrinkable. I file those in my use for cooking only stash. You may think this is harsh but unfortunately it is true.

A good tip is to get a good bottle of Champagne or Prosecco. Champagne is so festive I have yet to meet anyone who is not excited for sparkling wine. Whatever you would spend on a luxurious bottle of champagne is certainly less than you spend for a night out on the town for two for sure.

In Good Taste

While recently scrolling through Instagram, I happened upon the In Good Taste wine company. I love it when a new discovery stops me dead in my tracks. What first caught my attention is the cute brand identity and the individual serving sizes. This is perfect for when you want to enjoy wine but do not want to open a fresh bottle. They come in packs of 6 and you can purchase the wine as a flight, as a curated for you collection, or in varietals. This makes the perfect hostess gift. It’s hits all the marks – it’s unique, it’s useable, and sustainable. After you drink the wines, the little bottles are so cute you can repurpose them around your home.


So how do they taste you’re wondering? Well I tried the rose and the curated summer sipper and I give them a B+. The wines are pretty reasonable at less than $11.00 per bottle. These tiny sizes makes wine drinking less intimidation and affordable to try new wines because there is little waste. So go ahead and gift these cute little bottle to your next host, in my opinion, it’s In Good Taste.

Wine and Cheese
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  • RosevonyGreat post with some helpful hints. What would you recommend for host who do not drink?  Since I am not a wine connoisseur, I prefer to bring a bottle to add to the bar — Tequila anyone?…but I am always stumped when I know the hosts do not drink. ReplyCancel

    • ahouseonguilfordThanks for your response! So I just recently discovered Fever Tree sparkling drinks. Available at most grocery stores. Try the Yuzu Lime. Its taste just like a cocktail and only 30 calories. Pour it in a fancy glass, add ice, and sprig of rosemary.ReplyCancel

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